Reasons for Installing a Frameless Shower

Because there is so little framing and metalwork to break up the glass, frameless showers give a bathroom a unique appearance. These showers employ thick, toughened safety glass that provides a sturdy framework without edging around each screen. Here are some reasons for installing a frameless shower in your bathroom. Personalised to Your Layout Standard framed shower screens and doors come in mass-produced stock sizes. As a result, they may not be the best solution for all bathrooms. Read More 

5 Reasons to Make You Install Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

Ceramic, acrylic and glass are the most common types of splashbacks found in kitchens today. However, glass splashbacks are increasingly becoming popular in modern homes. Whether you are building a new kitchen or remodelling your current one, glass splashback installation is an excellent idea. Here are five benefits you need to learn before you embark on your glass splashback installation project.  1. They Are Luxurious  Glass splashbacks give your kitchen a classy look at a much fairer price. Read More 

Why Replace a Cracked Window?

If you suffer from a smashed window, then chances are that you will seek a professional glass replacement service sooner rather than later. Broken windows will often attract unwanted attention from potential criminals even if you have boarded up the hole until a repair can be carried out. However, immediate glass replacement is often a lower priority if the window has only been cracked. This is something that can be more problematic than it sounds at first. Read More 

Reasons to Install a Frameless Frosted Glass Shower

Typically the biggest element in a bathroom, the shower is a prominent feature. Thus, you need to choose the right materials and configuration carefully. One possibility is a frameless frosted glass model — consider the following reasons to choose this option. Sense of Spaciousness Frosted showers create a spacious feeling in a bathroom, giving the impression of more generous proportions. Even though frosty screens are not as transparent as clear glass, they still allow for scattered light flow. Read More 

Decisions To Make When Installing A Glass Shower

A bathroom might be functional, the place where everyone bathes and grooms every day. But it also provides a place of respite and calm in which you can daydream and escape from a busy day. The shower you install is central to the room's functionality and sense of luxury. Here are several decisions you'll need to make when installing a glass shower. Decide On A Shape  First thing's first, and the most crucial decision is around the shape and placement of the enclosure. Read More